Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bulletin Article: St. John's School Begins (9-9-12)

As you read this, we have begun our 87th school year at St. John’s School.  To put that in perspective, that’s almost as old as Fr. Rich (ba-boom-ching).  We are very excited for another great year!

It was cool watching our school building transform throughout the summer months.  Eric, Pete and Al got our building in tip-top shape for our teachers and students, and the past few weeks our teachers have been working hard transforming their rooms from summer storage to excellent learning environments for our children.  We also hired three new teachers—Amanda Herzog (kindergarten), Leah Kilzdonk (2nd grade) and Kelly Weingart (3rd).  Welcome aboard, Amanda, Leah and Kelly!  Thanks also to Peggy and all of our teachers and staff for their hard work in preparing for another year.

Speaking of school, last month Fr. Rich asked me to chair a Catholic Identity for St. John’s School.  I will be joined by four others in this endeavor.  Representing our teachers will be Marge Coffer (6th grade and religion) and Leah Kilsdonk and representing our parents will be Katie Lisi and Chris Laumeyer.  I want to thank these individuals as well for their hard work as we have already begun to meet.

The purpose of this committee will be threefold.  First, our committee will be praying for our students, families and teachers, that St. John’s School will provide a vibrant educational experience in both academics and faith.  Second, we will be educating ourselves with many excellent resources on Catholic education from the Vatican, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and more.  Third, we will be discerning ways in which we can make the Catholic faith more vibrant for our children and then communicating with Peggy and the teachers about these ideas.  Our school is doing this well already, but there is always room to improve.  Already we have provided a teachers’ retreat for their spiritual edification and have ordered holy water fonts for each of the classrooms in the school.

With the above stated, Fr. Rich and I would like you to know of two ways in which you can support our school financially.  The first is our continuation of the Adopt-a-Student program in which we provide an opportunity for you to contribute tuition fees for families who could benefit from such assistance.  Second, we are starting the St. John’s School Legacy fund.  All contributions to this fund will go towards our efforts to improve our school’s Catholic identity.  Please prayerfully consider how you may contribute.  (Checks can be made to St. John’s Church with a memo of “Adopt-a-Student” or “St. John’s Legacy”). 

A few weeks ago Fr. Rich, in his ramblings, wrote about how St. John’s School is the primary mission of this parish.  With this in mind, please continue to support our school both spiritually, with your prayers, and financially, with your money!

Here’s to another great year of education.

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