Sunday, September 27, 2015

First writing for bulletin after the stroke: 9-27-15

God bless for you all!  And it was so AWESOME back up home up north two weeks before…especially for God, Mass and our church.  
            Because I am learning slowing about writing, I’ll be smaller about some of this.  Though I should work each week in this…because I am still the Pastor and I can’t be lazy about this!  Haha…
·      As I was going a stroke, I had only getting scaring for only two seconds—it only happened on August 8th.  The doctor said I wasn’t going to die.  That’s what I had heard.
·      I God is the best: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  God had told me, “Ben…get back to earth!  You have 75 years of work…plus some sin…plus getting out of here already!”
·      Also, Bishop allowed me to walk Jesus for one minute during the 125 years of walking on September 12th.  Wow…
·      Did you know I am in SCHOOL again!  After 23 years of my life?  When little kids better than me?  Haha!  Looks I am done for seven weeks (only learning Monday-Friday’s).
·      I’ll still be coming most Saturday/Sunday here!  Even in a few weeks, I could be leading the Mass.
·      Finally, remember I am funny to the older people.  Actually, I AM OLDER THAN YOU!  I am older, because I had a stroke and I am bald.  So you are all younger than me!
Know how much our church, God, MASS—is the best we can do for any thing.  I’ll keep praying for you…keep praying for everyone else!
God bless!